Key Management Personnel


Mr. Paul I. Meaway is our Corporate President/CEO and BSIS licensed Private Patrol Qualified Manager. Mr. Meaway is responsible for the overall management of MSS daily operations and assures that our Security Guards and Patrol Service Contracts are implemented within compliance of:

  • BSIS Laws and Regulations
  • Federal, State and Local Laws, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations
  • Contractual Agreements

Mr. Meaway has over twenty (20) years of combined hands-on experience in private and public law enforcement operations, and is the founder of Meaway Security Services, Inc. (Founded July 2010 as Sole Proprietor and Incorporated May 2016). Mr. Meaway is also the Founder, Trainer and Owner of Meaway Security Training Academy (MSTA), a Firearms Training Facility


Vice President:

Mrs. Mary Burleigh came on board as the Assistant Administrator for MSS in 2011. As of May 2016, Mrs. Burleigh became the Vice President of MSS, Inc. She brings 35 years of management experience to the company.


Operations Manager:

Mr. Mario Bickham came on board as the Chief Operating Officer in May 2016. As of 2017, he brings 8 years of law enforcement and 15 years of security experience. Mr. Bickham also served briefly in the military.




  • A CPA is under contract to perform business tax functions.
  • Attorneys are contracted to provide legal advice and provide legal services whenever necessary.