Welcome! Meaway Security Services, Inc. (MSS) is a California Secretary of State registered Corporation and California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) licensed Private Patrol Operator (PPO).  CA BSIS license #: PPO 119830.

MSS is a Registered Vendor of:

  • U. S. Federal Government Systems for Award Management (SAM), NAICS Code: 561612
  • California Department of General Services (DGS), Certificate #: 2003086
  • City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles and other Cities and Counties within Southern California

MSS was licensed as a Sole Proprietor July 2010, Incorporated May 2016 and re-licensed as a Corporation August 2016.  MSS was founded with the business objective to provide Security Guards and Patrol Services.

MSS Quality Assurance Profile:

MSS consists of BSIS licensed Firearms Training Facility (TFF) which assured that MSS security team are fully trained.

MSS is customer-service oriented, committed to crimes prevention and provides clients with qualified and licensed security guards and agents to provide business and personal protection, surveillance and investigative services.

MSS management staff and security team consists of highly trained and experienced private security professionals with extensive backgrounds in both private and public law enforcement operations.

MSS operates within Contractual Agreements and within compliance of Federal, State and Local Laws and ordinances.

MSS private security service details are implemented, utilizing innovative technology and a variety of specialized skills to prevent crimes and protect persons and property.

MSS Provides:

  • Armed and Unarmed Standing Guards
  • Armed and Unarmed Patrol
  • Armed and Unarmed Executive Protection
  • Surveillance
  • Personal and Business Escorts
  • Background Investigation (Job Applicants, etc.)
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Armed and Unarmed Protection (Court Disposition: Divorce and Civil Matters)
  • Armed and Unarmed Protection: (Court’s Order: Children and Parents Visitation)

For private security service and hourly rate, please contact Paul direct at (213) 909-2701 (24/7) or (323) 389-8778 (Office) or (323) 389-8797 (Fax) or via, for immediate response.

MSS also consists of BSIS licensed Firearms Training Facility, which provides quality and comprehensive Contract Security Guard (G) Skills Training, Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO) Skills Training and Firearm Qualification (FQ) Skills Training Services.  BSIS License Numbers: TFF 1345 and P89.  For detail information, please visit us at Meaway Security Training Academy (MSTA).

Thank you for visiting with us.

Mr. Paul I. Meaway, SME
Private Patrol Qualified Manager/CEO

Mrs. Mary J. Burleigh, Chief Financial Officer/VP